What Makes Us Tick?

In order to understand our company, you have to realize that Emergency Medical Services is more than just a job for us. It represents more than a way to pay our bills, send our children to college, and secure a comfortable retirement. It is a calling, a profession: a way for us to express our desire to heal people’s body, mind, and spirit.

We see the work of EMS as perpetually desirable; it is a reflection of our optimism, our hard work, and our compassion. We at Go In The Know come from varying levels of education and life experience. Despite our varied backgrounds (which you can read about here), we have consciously chosen to be emergency medical practitioners, and find absolute and immense satisfaction in the work of caring for sick patients.

Nothing beats the feeling of encountering a critically ill or injured patient, and easily retrieving the knowledge, skills, and procedural know-how to absolutely make the difference between life or death…long before the patient arrives at a hospital for “definitive” care. We offer the tools necessary to achieve this feeling on a regular basis.

At Go In The Know, our goal as educators is to provide the knowledge, real-world experience, objective evaluation, and continuous critique necessary for you to experience the transcendent feeling of being completely in charge, a master of your medical domain. Our commodity is knowledge, but we sell unparalleled professionalism and operational peace of mind.