Meet Gordon: Our Newest Addition To The Family.

We have a new addition to the Go In The Know family, and we could not be prouder! His name is Gordon. He was born on September 19, 2014. He weighs 26 pounds, and he already sleeps through the night! He only requires occasional baths, and he doesn’t require any feeding at all. Gordon is a dream child. He’s also an ALS simulator manikin that allows us to provide a whole new level of training experience.

Beyond the usual CPR capabilities, Gordon has palpable carotid and radial pulses, with full blood pressure auscultation. He sports a full anatomical airway, allowing for placement of any airway device from OPA to King Airway to ET Tube. Airway placement can be complicated by laryngospasm or edema. He can be defibrillated, has a host of cardiac rhythms at his disposal, and has an IV arm that can withstand all sorts of needle-based abuse!

The only limit on the depth and breadth of training scenarios we can provide is our own diabolical imaginations! Prepare to be challenged, and grow even more as an emergency provider!