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What We Do

We sell classes and education. But we provide the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently make life-saving decisions.

Who Are We?

Go In The Know is owned by three paramedics and a dedicated content developer. The bulk of our experience has occurred in a high-volume urban setting that is internationally renowned for its science-based approach to prehospital medicine (Seattle / King County). We also have extensive rural and wilderness experience: ranging from backcountry operations to wildland firefighting to marine rescue to wilderness helicopter response.

Years of Experience

Urban EMS – 35 Years
Wilderness EMS – 19 Years
EMS Teaching – 29 Years

Meet Our Team

Tod Levesh

Director of Education & Paramedic
Tod brings 14 years of experience with King County Medic One (KCM1), with 17 total years of pre-hospital ALS experience. Tod previously worked for the National Park Service (NPS) as a protection ranger in both a BLS and ALS capacity. Since coming to KCM1, Tod has continued his affiliation with the NPS in teaching EMS CE and NREMT-B refreshers for National Park units. Tod is an active instructor with the King County EMT training program and is Training Center Faculty in ACLS / PALS for Cascade Healthcare Services. Tod serves as a Shift Trainer at KCM1 and has taught portions of the A&P class for incoming new paramedics at Harborview Medical Center for the past four years.

What Clients Say About Tod

Good job Tod. I’ve always enjoyed your teaching style and charisma. Your high energy keeps us engaged!
Park Ranger, Zion National Park
Excellent instruction. Very easy teaching style. Makes it easily understood. 
Park Ranger, Olympic National Park

Jeff Allen

Director of Sales & Paramedic
Jeff has been a King County Medic One (KCM1) paramedic for just over eight years. Prior to KCM1, Jeff spent ten years as an ALS and BLS provider. He has over six years of EMS-specific teaching experience, including the King County EMT class, ACLS, and PALS instruction. Jeff was originally trained by the British military as a rescue boat and first aid instructor, and taught medical rescue in Berlin (West) Germany for three years before coming to Seattle. Other clinical experiences include time as a private ambulance EMT, and several stints as a ship delivery medical officer. Jeff is a member of the Federal IMSURT team, and was deployed to the Haiti earthquake.

What Clients Say About Jeff

Very knowledgeable and approachable. Good job.
Park Ranger, Olympic National Park
Excellent, very knowledgeable, approachable, understands our environment and presents accordingly. 
Park Ranger, Olympic National Park

James Kellogg

COO & Paramedic
James has spent the last five years as a paramedic for King County Medic One, with over eight years of prior experience in rural, urban, and wilderness environments as a BLS and ALS provider. His wilderness background includes extensive boat and fixed wing response, as well as patient care aboard USCG and Navy helicopters. He has also served as a provider on Federal DMAT and IMSURT teams for the past eight years. James has over 11 years of experience in EMS education, with time spent teaching courses for the National Park Service, EMT-B courses, paramedic-level CME, and ACLS / PALS for hospital clinicians. Additionally, James co-developed the UW Paramedic Training Anatomy and Physiology curriculum for incoming paramedic students at Harborview, and has taught that curriculum for the past five years.

What Clients Say About James

Great instructor, very knowledgeable, approachable. Understands our situation and helps to teach to that.
Park Ranger, Olympic National Park
Very knowledgeable, excellent communication, great attitude. 
Climbing Ranger, Mt. Rainier National Park
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