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We provide continuing medical education that is stimulating, fun, and engaging.

Lectures Are Boring

Our classes provide a finely-tuned mix of patient care scenarios, case-based training, hands-on demonstration, and custom video content. Because we hate PowerPoint as much as you do.


You Can’t Lose

If you are not 100% satisfied with your educational experience, we don’t take your money. It’s that simple.


YOU Are In Charge

How? We base our classes on YOUR operational needs, using YOUR equipment, and accurately simulating YOUR environment. Our testing is base on YOUR care guidelines.

Latest News


Meet Gordon: Our Newest Addition To The Family.

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We’re Building An Extensive Equipment Cache

At Go In The Know, we ask our students and clients how we’re doing. A LOT. It may get annoying,... Read More →

What Makes Us Tick?

In order to understand our company, you have to realize that Emergency Medical Services is more than just a job... Read More →

Why Choose Us?

It’s one thing to read the principles in a book. It’s quite another to have seen critical patients and managed those complex cases effectively. We have over fifty years of collective experience in the field.
No single educational method works for all students! We use the latest research to craft our curriculum: seamlessly incorporating brain-based and multimodal learning approaches into our classes.
We create realistic scenarios that are rooted in our real-world critical care experience. No bulls***t, just real life.
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